Zoos are fascinating and horrible, all at the same time. There’s good work at conservation, species saving research, and such. The joy of seeing an animal that you’d never likely see up close without there being a zoo. That’s all good. Putting myself on the other side of the barriers, I’d find it horrible to be cooped up.

Zoos have improved the habitats where their precious guests reside. This Snow Leopard had a large compound to roam instead of the cramped cages that I can recall of decades past. It’s still not the same as being in the wild.

Como Park Zoo is a decent and good zoo, from what I could tell with my uninformed eye. The animals seem content, with the exception of one of the Polar Bears, who seemed to be recovering from some medical procedure and did not like being in quarantine one bit, and another cat that was restless and pacing like the bear.

This feline might be dreaming of the savanna’s of the mountains of Central Asia, but it was looking very content as it took a catnap.

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