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Karen and I have come to appreciate the special beauty and tranquility that a Japanese garden brings to us. We first were introduced to this type of garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri.

On our recent outing to Como Park and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota, we discovered, to our delight, that there was a Japanese garden that is part of the facility. After our tour of the zoo and the main parts of the conservatory, we made our way through a Bonsai collection to the Charlotte Partridge Ordway Japanese Garden.

It is a compact garden with ponds, stone bridges, stone lanterns, Koi fish, paths and lush greenery. Tucked into one corner of the garden is a tea house. They offer tea ceremony sittings a couple times a month, when the tea-master is in residence. We were given a special tour of the area surrounding the tea house and a primer on the ceremony by a very wonderful docent, Debbi.

Debbi was kind enough to point out the best views for taking in the garden, delighting in showing us the planned reflections and that the island in the pond is in the shape of a turtle. She also took this photograph, having placed us in this specific spot, in order to capture our reflection.

Kudos to the Como Park & Conservatory management and benefactors for keeping up such a delightful oasis of peace in the midst of the city. Thank you also to Debbi, for this wonderful memory of our tour.

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  1. Beautiful, Matt!